Road Essentials

Have a 600 mile trip ahead and need a check off list? Here is a list of things that are obvious and not so obvious that you should have with you.

1. AAA Membership

2. Spare Tire

3. Gallon of Distilled Water

4. Quart of Oil

5. Flashlight

6. Blanket(for those in cold regions)

7. Food and Water

8. Cash

9. Extra Phone Charger

10. Basic Tools

11. Pocket Knife

12. First Aid Kit

 Posted 04/11/2016 


Travel Hack of the Week

In this industry you may find yourself driving off the beaten path far too often. Cell phone reception can tend to be non existent when we need it the most. If you forgot your GPS at home and have forgot how to use a map like most people these days then we have a little trick for you. Map out your route via your phone and then screen shot the routes so you have an accessible map saved in your photos. Have an iphone? Simply push the home button on the front and sleep button on the side or top(depending on model) and when you see a flash you know it took. Android and other phones vary in hardware so a simple search on how to "take a screenshot" and your phones name will prove to be east to find.

Posted 04/08/2016